Help Page: Updating Permit Information

Permit-related information can currently be updated in two ways: by calling Customer Service and during a permit application process. If the information to be updated relates to a specific permit, you will need to have the specific permit number available at the time you do the update. Even if the information you want to update does not concern a specific permit (e.g., change of address), you should write down the number of a permit that you have or had in order to speed the update process.

Updating Permit-related Information via Customer Service:

Simply call Customer Service (toll-free at 888-872-8862 between 8am and 5pm EST on weekdays) and tell the person who answers that you would like to update information relevant to your permit. The process should take only a few minutes. After the Customer Service representative has finished taking the updated information and has made the changes in NMFS' records, the changes will be reflected from that point on during permit renewals, mailings, etc. For certain changes, a new permit will be sent or faxed to you. If you obtain a revised permit, remember to check that the information is correct and sign it in the space provided to validate it.

Updating Permit-related Information during the Application Process:

When you apply for a new permit or renew a permit which you currently have, you have the opportunity to change information about you or your vessel which has changed. You should take this route if the information changes at a time that is convenient for you to renew an existing permit. To update changed information, simply use the mouse to highlight the old information and type in the new information in its place. This will automatically update NMFS' records, and the changes will be reflected from that point on during permit renewals, mailings, etc.