Update Your Permit Information

It's important that the information in your permit is up-to-date. If your personal or vessel information has changed since your permit was issued, be sure to inform NOAA Fisheries within 30 days

The following instructions relate to permits issued through the HMS Permit Shop. Instructions on how to update information through the Southeast Permit Office are available on their web page.

Updates During the Permit Year

If it's too early to renew your permit, call our customer service line at 888-872-8862. Representatives are available 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays. Be sure to have your permit number on hand to speed up the update process.

Depending on the change, we may have to send you a revised permit. If that happens, be sure to sign it before setting off on a fishing trip under the permit. Only signed permits are valid.

Updates When Renewing a Permit

You can update personal and vessel information when you renew an existing permit. Simply highlight the old information and start typing to update the text fields.