Buy a New Vessel Permit

If you have never held a permit issued through the HMS Permit Shop, you must apply for a new vessel permit. Complete a renewal application if you have previously the permit for your vessel even if it is expired.

For details on how to apply for other Atlantic highly migratory species permits, including dealer permits, visit the NOAA Fisheries website.

How to Apply

You-or your business or corporation-must be the owner of the vessel you want to permit. If the vessel has been permitted before by a different owner, your application must be processed by phone by a customer service representative. Call 888-872-8862, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern. This is extremely important in order to maintain the permit history for the vessel.


This is the best option for applying for a permit. If you have purchased any of the permits above in the past, it may be possible to pre-fill information for this application. Enter a previously issued permit number in the field below to confirm information on file. You can also select to enter your information directly.

Data Input Choices
Click here for step-by-step instructions for purchasing a permit online.
Click here for step-by-step instructions for printing your permit.

Downloaded Package

PDF application packages are available to download. Complete the application by hand and mail it to NOAA Fisheries at the address provided in the application.

Mailed Package

You may request an application package be mailed to you by calling the NOAA Fisheries Customer Service Center at 888-872-8862. Once you've completed the application, mail it to NOAA Fisheries at the address provided.

What You'll Need

You will need the following personal and vessel information to renew your application.

Personal information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Home (billing) address and zip code
  • Day time telephone number
  • Mobile phone number

Vessel information:

  • U.S. Coast Guard documentation number and/or state registration number for the vessel
  • Vessel name
  • Home port city and state
  • Principal port city and state
  • Length (in feet)
  • Year built
  • Crew size
  • Construction (e.g., wood)
  • Gross tonnage
  • Propulsion (e.g., gasoline)
  • Main engine horsepower
  • Hold capacity in pounds (if applicable)

Payment Options

You can purchase your permit online with any major credit card: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa. A fee is added to cover the costs of managing the permitting system. If you apply by mail, you may also pay with a money order.

The HMS Permit Shop supports strong encryption for credit card transactions: 128 bit cipher, Secure Socket Layer Class 3 (SSL-3). The actual level of security depends on your browser and settings. If possible, set up your browser to use full 128 bit, SSL-3 security. This will ensure that your credit card information cannot be viewed by others, even if they intercept the packet containing that information. You can still complete credit card transactions with a lesser strength encryption. Although we recommend the use of 128 bit, it is not required.