Transfer a Vessel Permit

There is no process for directly transferring open access permits issued through the HMS Permit Shop. Depending on the situation, you will instead have to apply for a new permit or update your permit information. Limited access permits can only be transferred if another permit holder leaves the fishery.

The instructions below are specific to open access permits issued through the HMS Permit Shop. To transfer a permit issued through the Southeast Permit Office, follow the instructions on their web page.

Previous Owner Had an Open Access Highly Migratory Species Permit

If your vessel was previously owned by someone who had an open access Atlantic HMS permit for the vessel, your application must be processed through Customer Service. This is important for maintaining a history for your vessel.

Call 888-872-8862 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays to complete your application for a new permit. If you know the previous permit number, be sure to have it on hand.

If you don't know whether a previous owner had a permit for your vessel, begin by applying for a new permit. If the system detects a previous permit, you will be prompted to call Customer Service.

You Bought a New Vessel

Every vessel you use to fish for Atlantic highly migratory species must have its own vessel permit. You can change the vessel associated with a permit by updating your information in our system. You can do this during the permit year or when renewing your permit.