Report Your Catch

The information below relates to reporting requirements that can be completed through the HMS Permit Shop. For more information on other requirements, including those connected to permits issued through regional NOAA Fisheries offices, visit the NOAA Fisheries website. Details are also available in our Atlantic HMS recreational, commercial, and dealer compliance guides.

Recreational Fishermen

If you hold either an HMS Angling Permit or HMS Charter/Headboat Permit, you must report bluefin tuna, swordfish, and billfish landings within 24 hours of returning from a trip. You must also report any billfishes and swordfish caught within Florida state waters.

In most cases, you can report online by entering your permit number in the field below or through our Catch Reporting app.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for reporting online.

You can also report by phone at:

  • Swordfish and billfishes: 800-894-5528
  • Bluefin tuna: 888-872-8862

Anglers in Maryland and North Carolina must also report at a state-operated reporting station.

Commercial Fishermen

If you hold any of the following permits, you must report all bluefin tuna landings and dead discards within 24 hours of returning from a trip.

Landings must be reported online by entering your permit number in the field below.

Tournament Operators

Tournament operators are responsible for reporting all landings in registered HMS tournaments. Visit the Atlantic Tournament Registration & Reporting portal for details.