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Welcome to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) online Permit Shop, where you can buy and renew federal permits for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (tunas, billfishes, swordfish, and sharks), update permit information, and report landings of bluefin tuna, blue marlin, white marlin, roundscale spearfish, sailfish, and swordfish.



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What's New

Preliminary 2018 Commercial BFT Landings

As of October 19, 2018, preliminary commercial landings for the 2018 fishing year are as follows: More ...

General category bluefin tuna fishery reopening for two days, October 15-16, 2018

The BFT General category fishery will reopen for two days within the October through November 2018 subquota period, effective 12:30 a.m., October 15 through 11:30 p.m., October 16, 2018. More ...

General category October-November bluefin tuna fishery: transfer and closure (October 5)

NMFS transfers 55 mt of Atlantic bluefin tuna to the General category for the October through November 2018 subquota period and closes the fishery 11:30 pm Friday, October 5, 2018, through November 30, 2018. More ...

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