Help Page: About This Site

This website known as the NMFS Permit Shop allows you to purchase and renew permits quickly and with a minimum of effort. In addition to purchasing and renewing permits, you can also check on the status of permits and permit orders.

Each bulleted item on the left side of your browser screen allows NMFS Permit Shop users to perform certain functions. The following describes the functionality of each bulleted item:

Along the top of all pages, there are four features designed to assist you in efficiently navigating the NMFS Permit Shop. The following describes the functionality of each button:

  • Home: No matter where you are in the NMFS Permit Shop, this button will always take you back to the main site page.
  • Contact: allows you to have direct contact with NMFS Permit Shop coordinators. Please feel free to drop us a line whenever you want. This form serves as your feedback to us. If there is anything you particulary like or dislike, please use this form to tell us about it.
  • Help: provides you with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the NMFS Permit Shop. Refer to this page whenever you need any information about the NMFS Permit Shop or how to use it.